City to hire Mobility & Parking Manager; Form Advisory Board

At its December 4th Regular Meeting, in a series of unanimous 5 to 0 votes, Council approved the hiring of a Mobility & Parking (MaP) Manager, the formation of a MaP Fund, and the creation of a MaP Advisory Board.

Council voted to keep 100% of any future parking revenues in the new MaP Fund, overriding the initial staff recommendation which had 30% of revenues going back into the General Fund. Council also elected to add two at-large positions to the Advisory Board making it a 7-person board. Additionally, two council members will join the Advisory board, though in a non-voting capacity. The full composition of the voting individuals on the Advisory Board will be: one recommendation from the Main Street Board, one recommendation from the DTA Board, one downtown resident, one downtown property owner, one downtown property owner, and two at large members.

Both Staff and Council prominently referenced the DTA Board and Parking Subcommittee recommendations in drafting and amending the ordinances prior to adoption, including: the expansion of the MaP Manager and Advisory Board duties and responsibility to include broader mobility and transportation demand management objectives, the assurance that all parking revenues would stay in MaP Fund, and the composition of the MaP Advisory Board.

Council has previously directed staff to place the issue of paid on-street parking on its January 29, 2019 agenda. The DTA Board continues to look for member feedback on this issue and encourages members to email with any input. The DTA Board, in consultation with the DTA Parking Subcommittee, expects to issue recommendations to Council related to paid on-street parking in mid-January.

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