The Mermaids are coming! The Art League can help you prepare!

The Mermaid Promenade is coming up on September 22, 2018! Last year, nearly 5,000 “Mermaidians 😊” danced, promenaded, and paraded through Downtown San Marcos. This year it could be even more. Get your business prepared to celebrate and join in the fun! 

The Art League of San Marcos has artists who are ready to assist Downtown Association members in getting your shop ready for the many folks who will gather this year!

If you can use artistic help in preparing for this event, contact Kathryn at: to get matched up with an artist.  Possibilities include window painting, dressing up store fronts, and more. Get them your ideas and watch them come alive!

The deadline is August 10, 2018 for obtaining this assistance as the artists need time to get/implement ideas!  Let’s get busy and start “Mermaiding”!!!