DTA Helps Launch Parking Marketplace

With increased demand for parking in Downtown San Marcos and the launch of enhanced enforcement of time-limits via License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, the Downtown Association (DTA) recognizes an opportunity to unlock private OFF-street parking spaces that are vacant or underutilized to provide a solution for those in need of parking.

The DTA has partnered with PARQEX to create a local, online marketplace where private, OFF-street parking spaces can be listed and rented in a matter of minutes via the web or an Android or iPhone app. 

While the online marketplace allows for daily, weekly, or even hourly parking, the current focus of the marketplace is to provide parking on a monthly basis for known users in need such as downtown employers and individuals requiring longer than the allowable two-hour time limit for ON-street parking downtown.

Early this month, the Downtown Association sent out nearly 300 direct mailers to all property owners within the downtown encouraging them to list any vacant or underutilized spaces on the marketplace. With PARQEX, owners can make spaces available at all hours or just during certain hours of each day or certain days of the week.

For owners or renters that prefer not to use an online tool, the DTA is also maintaining a separate list of owners with parking available and renters looking for parking. If a match appears, the DTA will put the parties in touch.  To add your availability or need, email us at info@downtownsanmarcos.org

Ready to sign-up and list or rent a space? Click the logo below to sign-up and receive a free $15 credit.

Still have questions? Head over to the DTA’s Parking Marketplace FAQ by clicking below for a lot more info.